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I offer a wide array of graphic design services that include corporate identity and logo design, stationery design (business card, letterhead, envelope), advertising design, brochures and collateral, signs and banners, packaging design and custom t-shirt illustration. Working as a professional graphic designer for the last decade, I understand what it takes to put together a successful graphic design piece and can manage everything from the pre-production to final delivery.


Corporate Identity and Logo Design

Probably the most important part of starting a business is the branding process and developing your business identity. It’s the first impression you give your potential customers. A properly developed identity leads the way for all other marketing and advertising. The first step in your branding process is your company logo followed by the necessary stationery systems needed to run everyday business. I can help you develop your identity and your necessary stationery. View LOGO DESIGN Portfolio >>

Brochure, Catalog and Collateral Design

Brochures and catalogs communicate promotional material or product information to your customers with captivating visuals and photography. Whether you’re looking for a simple tri-fold brochure, or a multi-page catalog, I can help by developing collateral that clearly communicates your message and products to your customers.

Print Advertising

When you spend all that hard-earned money on good advertising placement, why not use a professional to design a advertising piece that sells? Everyone has heard the adage “You have to spend money to make money”. Let’s together make sure that adage stands true. Allow me to help you design successful print advertising that engages readers and produces leads and sales of your products and services.

Direct Mail Marketing

When you want to target that specific audience, direct mail marketing can be an effective approach. From postcards to small mailable brochures to door hangers, I can help develop and design a marketing piece that catches your targeted audiences attention.

Package Design

Good graphic design is essential to how your products are perceived. First impressions are everything and if your packaging gives a potential customer the urge to stop and look then it’s done it’s job. With package design experience in different forms of packaging, I can help make your products stand out among the crowd.

Outdoor Advertising & Environmental Graphics

In the time it takes you to read this sentence your potential customer has just zoomed by your billboard advertisement. Properly designed billboards or outdoor signage need to grab a viewer’s attention instantly. Your message must be communicated and influence a viewer to take the next step in as short amount of time as possible. Let me help you develop outdoor advertising that does just that.


Sometimes products and services can’t be conveyed with just photography alone. That’s were illustration comes in. From technical illustration and schematics to t-shirt graphics (one of our specialties), I can help create an illustration that works for any type of application.

Commercial and Product Photography

All businesses sell products. Whether it’s selling small to large tangible items or selling yourself, good product and commercial photography is key to building a successful business.

Being a seasoned graphic designer, implementing photography into my graphic design business just seemed like a natural progression. Why you ask? Composition is a key ingredient when it comes to great design and any experienced photographer will tell you that a great photo has good composition. So…I guess you can say I get to design photos.


Along with my graphic design services, I also offer commercial printing services for all of my clients. Many of my clients find the ability to go from pre-production to final delivery a plus. I work with many printers both locally and nationally for print materials. Depending on the type of print job and the quantity needed, I can usually facilitate just about any type of printing service at reasonable pricing.

I encourage my clients to use the printer of their choice. Whether they use me for their printing needs or not, my clients can take comfort in the fact their final design will be set up properly for commercial printing and they will be supplied all the necessary digital files to complete this task.

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