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Web design that’s clean and useable

I offer web design services for all types of business and personal use. I tend to take the usability first, looks second approach. No matter how appealing a website looks, if it’s unusable, it’s worthless. But not to worry, I have a full understanding of today’s web design standards. I know how to develop a usable website without sacrificing the look you want.

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CMS Web Design

A CMS (Content Management System) can contain blogging capabilities, e-commerce functionality and marketing tools such as e-mail list signups built into the website administration interface. CMS websites have what’s called a “back-end” to the web software. This “back-end” allows clients to maintain their website through their own web browser. The CMS systems I use are:

Wordpress Website DesignWordPress

WordPress has pretty much become the king of open source content management systems. It started out as a blogging platform but overtime, has expanded and become full-featured making it a great website design platform to develop a variety of websites around. It’s the web design system that I develop most websites on nowadays due to it’s flexibility and ease of use for my clients.

Joomla Website DesignJoomla

I’ve been developing¬†Joomla websites since it’s creation. I also have the honor of being the Joomla logo designer after winning a logo design competition for the product. Although most of my web development is based around WordPress nowadays, I can still handle updates to preexisting Joomla websites and develop new websites around it if necessary. Joomla is still a viable option and sometimes a better solution than WordPress depending on the needed functionality of the website.

Custom Programmed Websites

Sometimes off-the-shelf website systems do not work in the way needed. In these cases, a website can be custom programmed from the ground up, writing all code from scratch to make the website and administrator areas function in a very specific way. Custom programmed websites are usually database driven and require special functionality not found in static and off-the-shelf CMS websites.

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