Valentine's Day Kiss Me
February 6, 2014

So I got this text message the other day… “Hey Alan, I was hoping for some help on a poster, do you have any free time this evening?” Being a sucker for cute blondes, of course I said yes and the date was set. This cute blonde happens to be my good friend and musician Therese, who gave permission and is aware of the fact I’m writing this before and after piece poking a little fun at her design skills.

So that evening, Therese made her way over with her ideas for her poster. She needed a poster design for…

Alan Urquhart Design Website
January 29, 2014

Well… it’s about time! After 4 years it’s out with the old and in with the new website design. With the change in SEO standards and the adoption of mobile friendly responsive websites, I felt it was time to redesign my website and bring it up to today’s standards. My new website is built around the power of WordPress and it’s ease of use. It utilizes responsive web design. For those who don’t know what responsive web design is, feel free to check out my website on your mobile phone, tablet and desktop computer….

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